All about Goldrain

During a time when musical output is often expected to conform to a particular mould, Goldrain is an anomaly.

It is a band whose music creates and cultivates an environment in which people can take their emotions borne out of past experiences and nurture them for the purpose of personal growth. It invites people who have a passion for artistic endeavours to be involved in a shared experience with those around them, friends and strangers alike.

    With the desire to generate and foster this environment, in March of 2019 Barbara Dudek sought out Harrison Moore and Owen Smalley with whom to collaborate. The distinctive musical sensibilities of each person immediately gave rise to Goldrain’s sound. With its roots in alternative pop extended by jazz harmony, it is a sound whose grooves are ultimately borne out of a warmth that Goldrain transmits to its audiences. The songs that were crafted that year came together to form their debut EP, Mysteries.

    Traveling to Impression Studios in Berlin in October of 2019, Goldrain spent six days recording six songs that make up Mysteries, an EP that maps the origins of Goldrain and for the first time showcases the art that they are capable of creating. From introspective ballads to tunes that make you move, its songs invite everything from self-reflection to revelry, and offer joy to anyone who chooses to listen and come to their gigs.